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Membership Category:

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Abernathy, Charles R Retired County ManagerMcDowell CountyLife Member
Abernethy, Marcus Former ManagerNoneManagers-In-Transition
Adams, Don County ManagerJackson CountyActive Member
Adams, Melissa P Town ManagerHope MillsActive Member
Adams-David, Marchell Assistant ManagerRaleighActive Member
Albright, Joseph P Director of Public UtilitiesGastoniaActive Member
Alexander, Alison Lee Former Town ManagerNoneActive Member
Alexander, Richard Lane NCCCMA Life Member/DECEASEDNoneLife Member
Allen, J Russell Life MemberNoneLife Member
Allen, Raymond I NCCCMA Life MemberAlbemarleLife Member
Alligood, Brian County ManagerBeaufort CountyActive Member
Almond, D Kelly Former City ManagerNoneLife Member
Alphin, Christina Town AdministratorMarvinActive Member
Andrews, David Town ManagerCarrboroActive Member
Archer, Charles Account DirectorFreese and Nichols IncHonorary Member
Armour, Lee NCCCMA Life Member/DECEASEDNoneLife Member
Arnold, Kelly ManagerRolesvilleActive Member
Arrington, Terrence Former ManagerNoneManagers-In-Transition
Atkins, Kelly County ManagerLincoln CountyActive Member
Atkinson, Andrew J NCCCMA Life MemberNoneLife Member